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Balance and Exercise

Recently, I have been working with 5 other women to become stronger. This class offered by my local gym is working through the different stage of hypertrophy and shred to bring about muscular and body composition change. It should go without saying that in order for this to really be a thing, food needs to also be a part of it. I am also working with a personal trainer on not only my macros/food intake, but also strength training two more times a week.

Along this same journey, I am also training for a 1/2 marathon. On the surface, these are two very distinct goals, and, in some ways, are contradictory to each other. But the cross training that I am doing with strength will be beneficial to my running in the long term.

There are a million trainers, coaches, running gurus that will give you a plan for how to get your runs in and how to do your best work. You should really look those people up, those running plans up, take them to heart. AND... you need to listen to your body.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've realized that because I have been focusing on strength so much, I have been too sore to run. I cannot properly train for a 1/2 marathon in May if I am not getting my miles in. I have had to listen to my body and cut out one of my strength training workouts - at least until my race is complete.

So, what works for me? Currently, this is my workout regime:

Monday - Interval running on the treadmill - this is where I work on increasing my speed.

After the interval run, I do some yoga. Stretching and mindfulness is important too!

Tuesday - Strength Workout - Arm Blast

Wednesday - Strength Workout with Personal Trainer - Full Body Workout

Thursday - Strength Workout - Leg Blast

Also on Thursdays, I do a 30 minute cycle HIIT workout.

Friday - Rest day - but I do make sure to walk a little extra and yoga in the evening - a great way to start the weekend. IF I'm not too sore, I will include a light jog with the walk - but this is just a day to let those muscles to rebuild and maybe to add some miles slowly.

Saturday - Long Run - by now I'm working on 5-6 miles.

Sunday - Rest day - This day I do not do anything extra - sometimes I even take a nap!

I hope that if anything, I can just give you a little inspiration to take that extra step. To make a goal, and to listen to your body while you do it. You will be so glad that you have.

These are images from my last interval workout. Image 1 - MyZone data from my heartrate monitor. Image 2 - workout summary from my gym's treadmill.

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