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The Amazing Duck Egg

A year ago, I got 2 ducks. We soon gained a 3rd duck, a drake, who had been a widower due to a bear attack. Soon after, we had some predator issues and lost both our female ducks, but we still had our drake, Romeo.

Just a few short weeks ago, we found ourselves taking in 5 - yes 5 - more ducks.

Meet Romeo (the Welsh Harlequin in the back), Lucy and Ethel (Golden Layers), Fiona (White Pekin - the oldest of the bunch), Myrtle (Swedish Blue), and Mildred (the grayish one - daughter of Fiona).

With 5 beautiful female ducks naturally come beautiful duck eggs, and while they don't necessarily lay one each daily, we are getting several a day.

Duck eggs are amazing. Most people only focus on the fat content of duck eggs - and yes, as you can see, duck eggs are higher in fat. But, as I have said before, food is not bad nor good, food has no morals, and so duck eggs are no any more "bad" for you than any other food. In fact, look at the protein content, there is so much more protein in duck eggs verses chicken eggs. This means they will keep you fuller for longer!

Duck Egg Macros

Chicken Egg Macros

And the taste.... in general, I can't tell much of a difference except for a slightly richer taste of the duck egg. They are amazing.

So next time you get a chance to eat a duck egg verses a chicken egg - go for it! you may never go back!

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